Geodesic dome with everything necessary to nourish your soul.

A romantic little nest overlooking the stars.

Everything is in place for a memorable experience

Sage is all around, feel free to grab a fresh bunch to take back home.

This place will enchant you with the surrounding nature.

Desert view, Valley view, Mountain view…what is your favorite one?

Sunset...Make time for this special experience while on vacation.

The compost toilet for your convenience.

A new way to relax and unwind in Nature.

The perfect little getaway...

Fire pit and BBQ grill right by the Dome.

Come experience an unusual night.

Nature immersion benefits your Wellbeing.

Come experience an unusual night.

Spring in Lovell Canyon.

Lit path to the Dome entrance.

Raise your eyes to the sky at night to marvel at the splendor of the stars.

How a beautiful sunset can inspire you?