597P+P4G Mt Charleston, Nevada , Clark County, United States

You are going to head west on Blue Diamond Road (160) towards Mountain Springs. About 20 minutes pass that little town, turn right onto Lovell Canyon road. You will see the sign trailhead on the right hand side.

You will lose cell service halfway down Lovell Canyon road all the way until you log into the WiFi at the property.

Go to the very end of the paved road and you will see Torino Ranch straight ahead and an off road to the left. (Lovell canyon summit) Turn left and drive off road for about 3.5 miles (about 25min). There are going to be some tight turns and hills to go up on this road. And you see the dome on the right hand side. No way to miss it 😄

I highly recommend a 4WD vehicle to get to the dome.